Montreal Real Estate Licensing

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As of September 1, 2013, any candidate wishing to take the OACIQ certification exam must have previously taken and passed a basic training program recognized by the OACIQ. The Real Estate Broker Program consists of approximately 360 hours of courses and leads to a diploma issued by an approved school (Click HERE for a link to all of the real estate schools in Quebec).

Students can complete the Residential Real Estate Brokerage Program on campus, through distance learning or through virtual classes, in either English or French.

The list of examination dates can be found HERE.

The Residential Real Estate Brokerage Program consists of the following 10 courses:

Career Analysis and Business Management (45 hours);
Real Estate Law I (45 hours);
Real Estate Law II (30 hours);
Real Estate Appraisal I (30 hours);
Real Estate Appraisal II (30 hours);

Real Estate Mathematics (45 hours);
Real Estate Brokerage Act (36 hours);
Drafting of Contracts and Documents (75 hours);
Synthesis Workshop I (12 hours);
Synthesis Workshop II (12 hours).

Montreal Real Estate Schools

Montreal Real Estate Schools

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